How to Implement the Ideal Stop Smoking Plan

You can’t have a noncommittal spirit if you want to stop smoking. Being nicotine-free requires dedication and a rare perseverance that may seem impossible, but can be obtained with the right discipline and guidance. Many ex-smokers have not only had the willpower to curb the nasty habit, but have sought out supportive networks that nurture their desires to live healthier lives.

Committing to a stop smoking plan may seem like an uphill battle, but it’s important to remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re ready to devote your time and energy to this worthy cause that could add years onto your life and make you feel at your best, check out some steps that can help you get there.

A Guide to Creating a Great Stop Smoking Plan

• Get Creative

There’s no set display of rules when it comes to quitting smoking. A way that works for one person may not be the best path for you and your personal needs. That said, it’s helpful to work with a professional who can help you address the root of your addiction and also aims to assist you in thinking outside the box, in terms of delving into your recovery plan. This can take a little brainstorming, but bouncing ideas off of each other could help you feel more hands-on in your individualized plan and thus more engaged.

• Take Small Steps

Quitting cold turkey is considered a stop smoking plan, but it’s not always the most realistic goal. The majority of smokers who go this route usually end up picking up the habit again later mostly because they’re tempted by ‘just one’ concept that rarely works. Try not to be so hard on yourself by overcommitting to something that you’ll feel horrible about not living up to afterward. Be kind to yourself and take small steps. After all, becoming tobacco-free is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do.

• Be Transparent

In order to choose a clear path to help you give up smoking, it’s essential that you be honest with yourself and others about what triggers you or what you need to avoid. If you know you can’t handle one glass of wine after a hard day’s work without thinking about smoking a cigarette, it might be time to stop buying alcohol for a while, too. Transparency is tough, but it’s needed to help you get a clear picture of areas that could use improvement.

• Be Teachable

Humility is also one of the best ways to implementing a high quality stop smoking plan. If you knew the answers to all of the reasons you smoke and were able to address the habit, you probably wouldn’t still have the habit. Be open to the advice of a trusted source or someone who’s been through similar experiences.

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