How to Get a Powerful Message on a Small Business Card

If you have plans to invest in promotional materials for your business or your brand, there is a good chance that you want to maximize the total amount of information that you are able to convey, no matter the size of the individual document.

Whether or not you believe it, you can say quite a bit on a single business card – if you are creative enough to do so. While making an effective statement and being able to successfully market your brand on a regular business card may be difficult, but the tricks and tips highlighted here will help you do just that.

Center the Logo

When you look at most business cards, you will see the brand or company logo on the top, left side. Instead of going with this traditional look, center your logo. This provides a bold, and noticeable, statement.

The Colors do Matter

You should try to stay away from white backgrounds for your business cards and rather go with a darker hue. Black can be eye catching; however, you should avoid using metallic lettering since this will appear unprofessional.

Choose a Glossy Finish

You should spend a little extra money and choose a glossy finish, rather than a flat one. This is a finish that demands attention, but is also very professional and the results that the card will achieve will pay off.

Use the Back of the Card

There are a number of people who will place a simple quite at the base of the business card with the hopes that it will add that little extra that is needed. However, you should try to place a quote on the back of the card the next time that you are ordering a batch of business cards. You may even want to use a profound quote from your favorite activist or author, instead of a boring tagline from your company. This will not only add personalization to the card, but it will help you appear as an interesting person, instead of just another typical business.

Include One Phone Number and One Email

There are far too many businesses that fall into the trap of trying to put all the information possible on their business card. Choose one phone number and one email address and you will appear more efficient and much less pretentious.

While a business card is small, with some creativity and the help of a great Irvine Printing company, you can ensure yours stands out.

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