How to Find a Surrogate

If you are thinking of hiring a surrogate mother in California, there are several ways to go about finding qualified surrogates. The first thing you may need to know is who would make a good surrogate. Those who are experienced in this area have established a few basic criteria’s for a good candidate.

1. The candidate should be at least 21 years old.
2. They should be able to pass a mental health screening, to avoid potential attachment issues that could arise after the baby is born.
3. Has one child that they have given birth to, themselves. This means that they are fully aware of the risks involved in childbirth and the bonding issues that occur with a newborn.
4. Does not have to be coerced to sign the contract, which outlines their responsibility as a surrogate.

Searching for a Surrogate

Once you have reviewed the basic criteria for finding a suitable surrogate mother in California, you can begin your search. Not everyone will use the same method for locating a surrogate. However, these are the two most commonly used methods:

Surrogacy Agencies

Many people feel comfortable leaving everything in the hands of a professional service. The agency serves both the intended family and the surrogate. The agency will educate both parties on what is involved in the process and assist them with everything, including paperwork, from beginning to end. They will negotiate the terms of the contract between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. Counseling is provided to both parties throughout the process. This arrangement is very hands-on. The agency makes sure that everyone is comfortable during the process and helps make the entire transition as pleasant as possible.

Family and Friends

Some people would rather ask someone who they know, personally and who they feel comfortable asking. This may be a good alternative for some people because of the expenses involved in surrogacy. In addition to the expenses incurred, they may want to avoid potential legal issues that may occur later. Having a close friend or family member act as a surrogate may be easier to handle. Depending on the family ties, this could cause genetic concerns that should carefully be considered, with the help of a medical professional.

In either case, careful consideration and research will be important. Make sure you learn all that you can about a prospective surrogate before making your final decision. The decision is yours to make, choose wisely.


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