How Oil Suppliers in Gloucester Help the Farming Industry Thrive

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Business Services

A large portion of farms throughout the United Kingdom are operated by families. Should you work in the agriculture industry, you will know that maintaining the land, equipment and vehicles is essential for producing and processing. Agricultural products are shipped around the globe each year and believe it or not, oil suppliers in Gloucester play a big role in this. How, you ask? Well, unless tractors, machines and modern farming equipment is maintained and lubricated, everyday tasks will prove difficult, if not impossible! Aside from recycling waste fuel oil, it’s advisable to invest in the following types of oil to prevent predicaments in the agriculture industry.

Gas Oil

In the modern farming world, gas oil is absolutely essential. Oil suppliers in Gloucester will supply this oil to farm workers so that they can run machines and tractors with no issues. Vital for extending the life of machines, gas oil will make gathering the harvests much easier. Aside from this, herbicide and pesticide production relies heavily on gas oil. By working with the same supplier, you can grow the same crops year after year, which will essentially make your products irresistible to buyers.


Another type of oil supplied by companies in Gloucester and surrounding areas is kerosene. What makes kerosene, or paraffin, so appealing to people who work in the farming industry is the fact that it is a clean-burning fuel. A liquid fossil fuel that is environmentally friendly, it offers more advantages than disadvantages, such as non-corrosive storage, a long shelf life and simplicity when igniting. It can be used in countries around the globe, therefore suppliers never see a shortage of demand for kerosene in the farming industry.


The majority of tractors on farmer’s fields will run on red diesel. This type of diesel from oil suppliers in Gloucester is a popular type of agricultural fuel, because it offers benefits in agricultural, forestry and horticultural industries. You can make your fuel budget go that little bit further with diesel, due to the fact that carbon emissions are reduced and fuel consumption is better. Ride-on mowers, industrial tractors and other kinds of farming equipment can be run with diesel, making it a versatile solution.

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