Guide to Renting Boats for Dolphin Tours in Destin

Destin, Florida features over 13 public beaches highlighted by natural and man-made attractions. When vacationers and locals alike aren’t soaking up the sun on one of their many beaches, they may be found interacting with the dolphins. Due to the large dolphin population in and around Destin, it’s become the top destination for those seeking a unique encounter with one of the most intelligent creatures of the sea.

While Dolphin Tours Destin, Florida are often handled by a chartered boat service, vacationers may rent their own boats. When it comes to selecting a boat rental service, it’s essential to choose a company that operates with the highest level of integrity and respect to the environment, such as Xtreme H20. Once a boat leaves the dock and sets out, it’s essential that its emissions and waste be well within limits set forth by state and federal regulations.

Renting boats for Dolphin Tours Destin is similar to renting a boat for any other purpose. However, there are several essential factors one must take into consideration. The first of these is determining the final rental cost. Most boat rental services include an “all inclusive” fee that covers the actual rental plus fuel costs. However, this is not a guarantee. Generally, an hour boat rental can use up to 10 gallons of fuel, depending on the distance the boat travels. Therefore, discuss fuel charges prior to securing a reservation. Visit Xtreme H2o for more details.

During the spring and summer months, the water temperature around Destin averages in the upper 70s to low 80s. However, beginning in late October throughout early May, water temperatures dip into the mid 60s. While relatively comfortable, if swimming in the Gulf is a desire during these cooler months, ensure the boat rental service offers wet suits. These specially designed suits keep the chill out.

Above all else, when renting a boat to commune with dolphins, make sure the rental company offers factual information regarding these encounters. Avoid touring companies who guarantee an encounter. While the dolphin population in Destin is relatively high, these creatures come and go as they please. Even if a dolphin is spotted, there’s no guarantee that they’ll swim with onlookers. Dolphin encounters occur on their terms. If a dolphin is interested, encounters generally last 60 seconds or less. While renting a boat is an excellent opportunity to encounter them, a good boat rental service is one who is clear about expectations.

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