Get the VIP Treatment with Helicopter Tours in NYC

You can make every event more special and create memories that will last a lifetime with helicopter tours in NYC. Whether you’re just visiting or you’re an NYC native, you’ll get a view that you’ll never forget. The style and luxury of a helicopter tour will make your event unique and memorable. Give your guests (and yourself!) the ride of their lives.

Luxury Flights for Everyone
Look the Statue of Liberty in the eye, see Central Park and the Empire State Building from above or simply make your transportation difficulties in the city disappear. Who needs a limo or a cab for arrival to your event? Get there by helicopter and make a grand entrance!

  • Helicopter tours in NYC can give your bachelorette party the thrill that no one expects!
  • Surprise your loved one with a ride from the airport to the location of a special birthday party. They’ll never be able to guess what’s coming!
  • Make your anniversary truly unforgettable with a grand tour of the city in the sky. Remember your wedding day as you spend time in the air with your spouse and see views like never before.
  • Your holiday vacation will be full of luxury when you get to see the city lit up from above.
  • Impress your business colleagues by transporting them from the airport or other location to your place of business by helicopter.
  • Arrive in style and bypass NYC traffic. Imagine the look on people’s faces when you arrive by helicopter!
  • Enjoy the speed, convenience, and spectacular views of traveling by air.
  • Leave your wedding in a helicopter and conclude the day with a romantic tour to start off your new journey in life together.
  • Surprise your NYC native friends with a tour when they come back to the city for a visit and give them the view they’ve never seen.
  • After a day of walking, shopping, and events, see the sights from above without the hustle and bustle of other tourists.

You’ll feel like the ultimate VIP when you get a private tour in the air, and your guests will have an experience that they’ll want to talk about for years to come.

Choosing a Tour is Simple
There are several ways to enjoy helicopter tours in NYC, and you can find one that will fit your time schedule and budget in a cinch. Choose a short 15 minute tour that shows you the main attractions of the city or a longer grand tour that takes you above bridges, parks, rivers, and even Yankee Stadium! The VIP treatment is easy to achieve when you choose New York Helicopter’s experienced pilots. You’ll feel the freedom and luxury of helicopter service and see all the sights as you fly through the air in style.

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