Get Sparkling Windows from a Window Cleaning Specialist

Do your home windows need a wash? Home window cleaning is not an easy task that can be done by you. It requires the help of an experienced professional to get sparkling windows for your home. Hiring the service of an experienced window cleaning specialist may cost you a few dollars, but he will assure that you have sparkling windows that make your home look new and fresh.

How a Window Cleaning Specialist Cleans Your Home Windows?

A professional window cleaning specialist will have all the necessary equipments for cleaning your home windows. The most important equipments are

Bucket: A wide bucket that can easily fit the mop and Squeegee is used by a specialist.

Squeegee: A squeegee is considered to be the most important tool in the cleaning process. The squeegee has 3 parts. They are the channel, a handle, and a rubber supported by the channel.

Mop: The mop has in two parts, the plastic t-bar and the sleeve. The specialist can remove the sleeve and wash it when it gets dirty.
Scraper: The scraper comes with removable metal blades. The specialist uses the scraper to remove paint and other tough marks from the windows.

Detergent: Different specialists use different detergents for washing windows. Top brands like “Palmolive” and “Morning Fresh” are the most commonly used detergents as they are very soft on the hands.

Process Involved in Cleaning

The windows cleaning specialist, once ready with the equipments, will start the cleaning process. The detergent is applied directly to the wet mop. The mop is then rubbed on the windows. Cold water is used for cleaning. A scraper is used at this point of time to remove tough marks. Now using the squeegee, he cleans the windows and then safely removes the water without leaving any water marks on the window. Using a towel, he cleans the water from the edges.

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