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by | Sep 12, 2016 | Metal Industry

Recycling and reusing used items be it clothes, newspapers, plastic bottles, or metals helps to maintain a safe environment. When you talk about recycling, very few people connect it to scrap metal as only clothes, newspapers, and bottles are commonly recycled. However, metals, both non-ferocious and ferocious metals are recyclable. Most people throw scrap metal in the litter bin for lack of knowledge on what to do with it or whether to take it for recycling.

Scrap metal yards provide a place where construction companies, industries, and home owners get money for scrap metal. The first step towards selling the metal is to determine the value of your metal. The value is determined by establishing if it is ferocious or non-ferocious. Non ferocious metals are more valuable and so you get more by selling them. Examples of non-ferocious metals include copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. These metals do not stick to a magnet.

Ferocious metals stick to a magnet. Theses metals are very common and they include iron and steel. Unfortunately, they do not cost much money when you sell them as scarp. The scrap metal dealer then takes the metal through a process of recycling depending on the type of metal.

Uses of recycled metal

Industrial use

Aluminum and iron are commonly used in the transportation and construction industry. Companies use them to construct bridges and for use in making airplanes and automobiles. In a recent development, recycled scrap metal is being used to detoxify industrial wastewater. In addition; manufacturers are using scrap metal to make containers.

Making stronger metal products

Each metal is recycled differently. An arc furnace is used to process scrap metal into higher quality metals. Steel and copper go through the reverberator and blast processes to produce stronger products. As for aluminum, it is melted at a lower temperature than new aluminum ore. Recycling the metals reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Home Furnishings

Lamps, gliders, tables, and benches can all be made from recycled metals. The good thing about the furnishings is that they last for a long time and they look attractive. Some artistic work in the home, streets, and public places is done purely out of recycled scrap metal. Artists look at a pile of scrap metal as a work of art awaiting them to work on.

Now you know that metal can be recycled and that you can get money for scrap metal. Contact us at HC Metals to plan on how we can recycle scrap metal around your home, office, and environment.

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