Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Crack Repair

When you notice cracks in the walls of your basement, you may need to just have the cracks sealed or you may have bigger problems. After inspecting the length and the size of the crack, a professional that performs Basement Crack Repair can diagnose the problem and make the repairs for you. To learn more about basement cracks and repairs, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What causes basements to develop cracks in the walls?

A.) Basement walls often crack due to the settling of soil underneath the foundation or a poor drainage system. Large horizontal cracks, about halfway down the wall, indicate that you have a serious foundation problem and if it’s not fixed, your house can sustain structural damage. If the crack in your basement is a small hairline crack that runs horizontally, this is a common type of crack that’s due to concrete shrinkage and it’s not serious.

Q.) Is there any reason to fix small hairline cracks since they’re common and don’t pose a danger?

A.) Even though hairline cracks aren’t usually the result of a serious foundation problem, you should still have them repaired. Water can leak into the cracks and cause excessive moisture in your basement. Moisture leads to mold, mildew and a smelly basement. Tiny insects can crawl into your basement through hairline cracks and this can lead to an infestation. As time passes, the cracks will get larger and more water will leak into your basement unless you have them repaired.

Q.) How does a professional company fix basement cracks?

A.) After examining the size and length of the crack, a professional who performs Basement Crack Repair will inject a special polyurethane foam into the opening. As the foam expands, it seals the crack so that water and insects cannot get into your basement. If the cracks were caused due to a shift in your foundation, the repair technician will discuss foundation repair options with you.

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