Forget Payday Loans: Find Better Loan Lending Rates in San Antonio

by | Nov 17, 2014 | Business Services

The Loan Lending Rates in San Antonio are great, when you have perfect credit. But, maintaining a good credit rating today, in a climate of layoffs, downsizing and inflation, can be nearly impossible. For many people their credit score has made traditional lending options unattainable. This is difficult for those who are living paycheck to paycheck because it means there are few choices for them to rely on when a problem occurs.

It is in this desperation that people will often turn to pawning their items or seeking out payday loans. Neither of this are a good option. Items that are pawned are often lost because the owner cannot afford to repay the money owed on them. As for payday loans, the extremely high interest rates and fees can put many in an even more dangerous financial situation.

You do not want to make your finances worse. The answer is not to take out risky loans or give up things that matter to you. There are options and a title loan may be the quickest, easiest and safest way for you to obtain the cash you need.

With a title loan, you are able to borrow against the value of the equity in your vehicle. Whatever that value may be. The company providing the loan will simply become a lien holder on the vehicle until the loan is repaid. You maintain ownership and possession of your vehicle at all times.

Obviously, a title loan is never a guarantee for the money you need. If you owe a lot on your vehicle, or if your vehicle is older or damaged it may not have enough equity for you to receive the cash you were hoping to get.

You can receive your cash quickly and with no credit check. The Loan Lending Rates in San Antonio are higher for this type of loan than a traditional bank loan, but much less than the fees paid for payday loans. Additionally, you will have a longer period in which to pay the loan back.

If you feel this may be the answer for you, contact Xpress Title Loans to learn more about their program. If you have a vehicle, you could have cash in your hand today.

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