Find Shade Under an Outdoor Canopy

During the summer months, the warm sunshine and sandy beaches bring mass amounts of people outdoors. But, spending a summer inside looking out can become a quick reality after a sunburn or a chance of bad weather. Or, perhaps camping during the autumn months is a favorite activity of yours, but the persistent rain has kept you from packing up and heading out to the woods. Outdoor canopies are a perfect remedy for many weather conditions.

What is an Outdoor Canopy?
The purpose of a canopy is to provide shade for people and/or objects. It is not a permanent structure, rather, temporary shelter that is usually easily assembled and disassembled. Outdoor canopies are made from two main parts. The first main component is the frame, and the second is the cover.

The Frame
The frame of an outdoor canopy is ordinarily constructed from metal, such as steel, or plastic. Frequently, the legs are adjustable, and utilize pegs that lock into place. This feature can allow the height of the canopy to be customized. Occasionally, the legs are equipped with proper parts to anchor the canopy to the ground. This allows for more stability and steadiness.

The Cover
The cover of the canopy can be made from a variety of materials, but the primary fabrics used are either polyester or polyethylene. When determining what canopy cover is best for your needs, consider the following:

* Is it fire retardant?
* Is it ultraviolet-light resistant?
* It is peaked or flat?

Special Add-Ons
There are a few other optional additions, such as a vented roof for breeze and light. Additionally, attachable/removable sides are supplementary accessories for increased privacy and cover from harsh weather. Furthermore, some canopy tents come with a storage bag for easy transportation and protection.

Many Possibilities with Canopies
Besides using your canopy for days at the beach or camping trips, there are many other uses for these versatile products. Outdoor events, such as graduation parties, birthday parties, etc., can be in need of an outdoor canopy for coverage of food and beverages from sun and rain. They are also ideal for a shaded area next to an outdoor pool. Whatever the outdoor occasion, an outdoor canopy is a good investment.

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