Extend the Life of Your Flat Roof With Roof Coating in Tucson

Roofing problems occur on every type and style of roof from tall sloping structures to those with flat or low sloped roofs. In most cases the problem occurs after the sealing materials on the roof begin to dry and crack. With a steep roof these leaks tend to happen around vents or pipe opening or around areas where flashing is used. With a low sloped roof these areas are also suspect, but the leaks can also occur whenever the seams begin to dry or the roof coating begins to age. The solution to this type of problem is new Roof Coating Tucson. Browse website for more information.

There are two types of flat or low sloped roofs. The most common is the tar based flat roof that is installed in many commercial buildings such as shopping malls or schools. These roofs are a combination of wood or steel decking covered with a tarred paper and coated with hot tar. After the tar is applied the roof will be covered with an aggregate, usually pebbles or gravel, to keep the roof intact. When these roofs require Roof Coating Tucson it can be a major job because the contractor will need to remove the aggregate to properly apply the coating.

The other type of flat roof is one that is part of an adobe or mission style building. These roofs typically have a roof decking which may also be covered with another roofing material. The type of material may depend on the construction contractor or the era the building was made. Either way, the roofing will be covered with a sealant to block leaks and allow the water to drain properly. In most instance this sealant is a petroleum based product which covers like tar, but comes in several different colors.

Selecting the color of roof coating you use will depend on the home itself and any possible requirements from your homeowners association. The colors range from a white to tan to gray. White provides an excellent reflective roof which can help reduce the heat inside your home. Roof coating typically lasts about three to six years. If your building is in need of Roof Coating Tucson be sure to contact an expert like Ralph Hays Roofing Tucson.


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