Do You Need Swimming Pool Repair Service For San Diego?

by | Mar 28, 2015 | Business Services

In a climate like ours in San Diego, California we all wish to have our own swimming pool – ideally a large below ground pool but even those above ground ones will keep you cool. However, there are two factors that always seem to occur.

1. The novelty soon wears off and, unless you are a kid, you find that you do not use your pool as often or as regularly as you thought you would.

2. The cost of having a pool does not stop once you have had it put in – ongoing routine maintenance and cleaning is needed frequently and parts of your pool system will break down and wear out (even when you are not swimming in it).

San Diego Pool Repair Service

You have to think of your pool as a system. Swimming pools have a (large) space filled with water – but so does a pond – the difference being that you want to get into the water in your pool. Therefore, the pool water has to be treated and maintained to remain healthy to swim in. A system of pump(s) and filter(s) is the heart of the system but purifying chemicals need to be added and cleaning has to be carried out (either manually or automatically). Some people take care of all of this for themselves but most prefer to employ a pool service company in San Diego to perform regular maintenance. However, often times these pool service companies are not trained to do swimming pool repair services in San Diego. It is important to have a company that does both pool service and pool repairs in order to keep your pool functioning properly.

Swimming Pool Repair Service In San Diego

All pumps have motors and seals, unfortunately these only have a limited lifespan; when your pump seals go out, bearings fail or it burns out completely it is essential to have a company working on it who has the correct knowledge. If the company isn’t trained in pool equipment repair they often jump to conclusions and recommend replacing the pump. Often times you can simply replace parts or a seal plate and it is not necessary to get a new pump. Filters will clog up and require regular cleaning and, if this is not done properly, you may lose filtration or filter grids can be damaged. Unless you are an expert, it will save you money and headache hire a San Diego pool repair service.

San Diego Pool Repair Service To The Actual Pool Itself

There is also a chance that the structure of your pool could become damaged due to ground settlement, earthquake tremors or any other reasons. If you have a good San Diego Pool Repair Service, such as University Pools (by way of example), they will also be able to take this in their stride and bring your pool back to full functionality.

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