Customer Relationship Management With ELEAD

In all aspects of marketing and sales, CRM or customer relationship management is essential. In industries where customer satisfaction and service makes the different, as in the automotive industry, the specialized ELEAD CRM system stands out from the competition.

There are a lot of issues that are constantly changing in the automotive industry. Car dealerships need to have immediate access to accurate inventory, to know what vehicles have been sold and which are on the showroom floor, and allow managers and sales staff to communicate effectively and effortlessly with customers and each other. This is where ELEAD really excels and provides for ongoing marketing opportunities uniquely tailored to the

Fully Scalable

For smaller showrooms and lots, investing in ELEAD CRM will boost sales by providing highly tailored and specific messages and marketing to customers. Unlike some systems that are really designed for the larger lots and dealerships, ELEAD is fully scalable, which means it is a terrific choice for any size of dealership.

The advantage to a scalable CRM system is that it will grow as you do. When you are ready to start reaching out to more qualified leads or to expand your existing client base and sales potential ELEAD will be there for you.

The Advantages

With this CRM system that is specific to the automotive industry, you will be able to market and communicate with potential clients from wherever you may be. It will also fully integrate with any current DMS or dealer management system you may have in place.

Through the web-based program, it is possible to direct message, to send emails to leads and sold customers, and to allow full financing and management right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It is also possible to scan driver’s licenses to upload customer information and to provide customers the information they need to determine payments, consider lease options, and even to provide the sales professional with negotiation information without having to leave the customer.

For managers, through the ELEAD reporting system, real-time information on leads, campaigns, and service customers is available at the touch of a button. It is also designed to allow customers to use to schedule service appointments, adding to their convenience in working directly with the dealership and the service center.

For any car dealership, having information for customers and potential leads at your fingertips is going to add to customer satisfaction and confidence. ELEAD CRM can do just this for your business sales professionals, giving your dealership the customer service edge.

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