Crafting The Right Profile – Online Dating Tips For Men

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Small Business

When it comes to online dating, let’s face it, everyone is doing it. The problem is, not many people are doing it right. When it comes to creating a profile, some people simply fall flat. Men are notorious for creating the wrong impression. This is why I am providing you with a few online dating tips for men.

A Good Profile Should Say It All

When it comes down to it, your online profile is what will make all the difference in how many replies you get. It is the entry point into the online dating world. Your profile is a representative of whom you are and who you are interested in attracting. It is your first impression and not always easy to create.

A good profile consists of two basic parts:

1. The written word – including an introduction and a few phrases on yourself. It is essentially a description of who you are

2. Photos – The visual aspect of your character. This is a chance to make sure you highlight your physical characteristics

Online Dating Tips for Men: The Introduction

The entire problem with the written descriptive part of your online profile is the message. You need to ask yourself a few questions:

1. What type of message do I want to send?

2. What kind of language should I use?

3. How long should it be?

4. Do I list my favorite things?

No one says this is going to be easy. Ask anyone who has ever ventured on an online dating site, including It would be simple to say such-and-such are the “right” answers,” but they are not the same for everyone. I can provide some provisos, however:

1. Think carefully before you write down anything. Do not be too clever unless you are this way. Do not be dumb and include all sorts of spelling mistakes and short forms unless this is whom you wish to attract.

2. The language needs not be too complex unless you are like that. Yet, you also do not want to be too simple saying I like to go for long walks on the beach, etc.

3. Avoid lists. They do not encourage anyone to read further.

4. Make the introduction short and sweet. Never go on-and-on. Have a friend – preferably an honest woman, read it. She can provide you with some hints on how to punch it up.

5. Make it unique but DON’T make it stand out for all the reasons.

Creating a profile for an online dating site can cause even the most confident to rethink their decision. Everyone needs a little help. When it comes to online dating tips for men, many do come to mind and visit  Yet, the best advice is to be as honest as possible. This includes not only in the profile but the accompanying photo as well.

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