Could a Top Tool Chest Be Right For Your Needs?

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Business Services

A top tool chest will be familiar to most workmen who have a number of tools and enjoy the ability to work on the go. This is a component of the roller cabinet, and the basic purpose is to provide you with additional storage space for your tools. Clearly, not everyone who works with tools will need one. However, if you use a lot of gear during the course of your job, this is an easy way to stay organized, and to keep your tools from getting lost.

The dimensions of the top tool chest should be ascertained early in the selection process, as the size is a key factor in choosing the best option. Since you will already have an idea of how many tools you have, it will be easy to work out the amount of space you will need. The varying widths available will give you the chance to properly organize your tools into categories. Depending on the manufacturer, the range may be between 26 inches and 72 inches. If you have ever had difficulty keeping track of your tools while working, top tool chests will make your job easier.

There are different types available, so pay attention to the material, the construction and features which may be useful. A top tool chest with a galvanized steel shell is a good pick, as this material is great at taking bumps without sustaining damage. The type of drawer latch and the drawer slides also deserve some scrutiny. Raise and release drawer latches are useful for work environments where quick access to tools is necessary. The larger drawers should also have dual slides to provide more support for heavy tools.

The load rating of the drawer slides is one of the major considerations for buying a top tool chest. A rating of 100 pounds is good for heavier tools, and you can expect these slides to hold up well for a long time. Some buyers look at the warranty as a sign that they are buying a quality tool chest. A warranty period of five years is reasonable for these types of products. This should protect the buyer against any defects in the workmanship as long as the tool chest is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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