Comparing Methyltransferase Assay Options

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Laboratory

All methyltransferases are enzymes that are bound in a membrane. They can include protein methyltransferases as well as those in DNA and RNA. In testing for drug possibilities for the treatment of many genetic conditions, diseases and for cancer, a methyltransferase assay can be an effective tool.

BellBrook Labs is a cutting-edge laboratory working to provide assays that are validated, offers a streamlined protocol and that provide high-quality data in a very short period of time. There is also a focus on developing assays which are customized for high automated workflows and can be scaled to meet any testing requirements.

Comparing different options in the various methyltransferase assays on the market will be important for any pharmaceutical company. Selecting the correct assay to provide a streamlined, accurate and reliable testing protocol will be instrumental in speeding up lead discovery and moving the drug discovery process along in the shortest possible period of time.

Consider Ease of Use and Technical Aspects of the Assay

When it comes to HTS assays or high throughput screening assays, automation is a common feature for those testing requirements. However, it is also important to ensure the assay is user-friendly and intuitive to use with the specific plates the lab is using.

Ideally, with any HTS assay, it will be essential to choose an option for long duration stability of the reagent. Without this feature, reagents left out in the lab for more than a short period of time become unstable, creating a high risk for data error in subsequent analysis. Choosing an assay that will also be optimized with a variety of different enzymes is also necessary, allowing greater flexibility and analysis possibilities.

Another important factor to consider is the reputation of the lab responsible for developing the assay. Companies with a significant reputation in the industry will be critical to quality results throughout testing and analysis.

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