Compact Cabover Trucks are an Exceptional Alternative to Traditional Cab Trucks

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Business

You may not know the Isuzu NPR by name, but you have most certainly seen them before. Ever growing in popularity these compact cab-over trucks are mostly seen in cities, expertly maneuvering throughout cramped and crowded streets. Most often they are delivering goods to merchants, or carrying tradesmen and equipment to perform a variety of services. While they are not currently the most popular choice in cab trucks, more and more buyers are choosing cabover trucks for their various benefits and efficient design. The truck itself is far lighter and shorter than conventional cab trucks which make it easier to maneuver and navigate on congested roads. Not to mention, the cab’s compact design allows for more space to do its job by dedicating more of its frame to what you are hauling.


Advantages the Isuzu NPR Cabover Trucks Have That Traditional Cab Trucks Don’t:

*     More Space for Cargo
*     Tilt Cab Design Allows for Easy Servicing Access
*     Driver and Passenger Friendly Entry and Exit
*     Better Fuel Economy
*     Tight Turning Radius
*     Increased Driver Visibility
*     Exceptional Maneuverability


Used Compact Cab-over Trucks Can Save You Even More Money

While fuel economy and maneuverability are definite selling points of these vehicles, the real advantages come from its significantly lower upfront costs. This is particularly true if you can find yourself a reputable used commercial truck dealer to do business with. When you choose to buy used cabover trucks like the Isuzu NPR, from trustworthy dealers you save even more money and end up paying a fraction of what you would shell out when buying a traditional cab truck.


Buying Your Used Light or Medium Duty Cabover Trucks from a Commercial Dealer

If you are searching for an Isuzu NPR for sale in Miami, be sure to contact the reputable dealers at RC Truck Sales. They have over twenty years of service in the used commercial vehicle business, and specialize in a variety of models including Isuzu and Nissan. Their commitment to their customers includes selling only the highest quality vehicles in order to assure you receive the best return on your investment. Whether you are in need of a single truck or building a fleet, contact their offices to discuss your sale options today. Like us on facebook.

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