Choosing a Good Construction Safety Harness

In the construction industry, falls are one of the biggest causes of injuries and fatalities. In fact, finding the right construction safety harness is about the most important thing you can do. You cannot afford to leave something as vital as safety to chance. Here are some helpful tips on finding safety harness that is the best for your needs.

ANSI Standards

It’s vital for all safety equipment to meet the American National Standards Institute guidelines for safety. This organization oversees the safety standards of the industry, and your provider should be willing to furnish written proof upon demand.


Construction safety harness padding should be light but also designed to evaporate perspiration from the body. This helps to keep one cool while working. Pads should be designed to make the harness comfortable to wear for long periods of time. In addition, some of the best harnesses have padding which can be removed for cleaning

If you want the greatest comfort, opt for a construction safety harness with soft padding. Also, the more padding you have, the more comfortable you will be during the day.


When you check out harnesses, don’t forget to check the webbing. Some of the best construction safety harness webbing is made of Kevlar. This is the same material in lightweight bullet-proof vests.


Do you have the need for a lot of tools on the job? You may want to buy a safety harness with several tool pockets. Also, for greatest convenience, look for a harness with quick connect buckles. This will make putting on and taking off your vest a breeze. If you need to keep a pen or writing tool with you, consider a safety vest with chest pockets.

Reflective Harnesses

When you need to wear reflective clothing on the job, go with a reflective construction safety harness. This will make it easier on you since you’ll need less safety clothing.

D Rings

Your harness D rings should be sturdy and large enough for the job. Look for a vest with non corrosive D rings made from high grade aluminium, zinc plate or stainless steel. Also, some D rings are easy to use because they are spring loaded.

Specialized Construction Safety Harness

When you shop wisely you can find a harness made for your line of business. For example, if you are in the wind energy industry, look for harnesses with a radio sleeve holster. This makes it much easier to keep your equipment with you as you climb towers. When you need the best source for safety harnesses, you can depend on Harness Land.

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