Can Your Car Window be Fixed or Do You Need Windshield Replacement in Montgomery, TX?

If you notice a defect in your windshield, you may wonder whether you can get it repaired or if you’ll need Windshield Replacement Montgomery TX. One of the easiest ways to find out is to ask a glass repair and replacement company like, but there are some general guidelines that can help you know what to expect. In many cases, the main determining factor is the size of the damaged area. A windshield that has a pebble mark or a little crack can usually be fixed, while one that has a large hole or a big crack will almost always need to be replaced.

Just what qualifies as a little crack can vary depending on who’s going to do the work, but in general, a crack that’s smaller than the length of a brick can be fixed. Small pebble dings or holes can also be repaired. Larger defects usually require replacement because once a crack or hole is too big, the repair material won’t be able to hold the windshield together.

Windshield repair is done by filling cracks and small holes with a material that will dry clear. This not only fills the defect, but renders the original crack line invisible. However, a small dot will remain at some point along the original line of damage in many cases. When the repair is low or high on the windshield, this usually won’t be a problem.

When the finished repair can be expected to leave a visible dot right in the driver’s line of sight, it can be a good idea to go ahead with Windshield Replacements Montgomery. That’s because such a mark can be very distracting to try to look through even if it is small. Those who would find their eyes constantly attracted to the spot will be much happier with a new windshield that is entirely free of visual defects.

Of course, the other time a windshield should be replaced is if the crack is too big to fix. Since cracks can spread quickly, this makes it important to seek repairs right away if there is a desire to save the original glass. Even if replacement turns out to be the only solution, it won’t be too inconvenient to have the work done. Some companies can replace in-stock windshields within an hour or two.

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