Can You Guarantee Perfect Pizza with A Woodfired Oven in Your Backyard?

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Food

Across the US you’re more likely to find a barbecue in the entertainment area or deck in your backyard. Over in Italy it’s more common to see a wood-burning pizza oven supplying great tasting delicacies. As you can source a working barbecue almost anywhere, why not add a woodfired oven to your backyard?

Experience the Flavors

Once you have eaten from a wood-burning pizza oven, you may never eat a pizza cooked in any other way. The flavor is just so much that extra special, it is easy to believe you are resting in an pizza restaurant in Italy.

There is a rapid increase in individuals either building wood-burning pizza ovens or purchasing portable, metal pizza ovens, that can be used in various locations around your entertainment area.

Should you have visited a friend who has built their own oven or purchased a portable model, you will quickly wish to own one yourself.

Quick Pizza Delivery

The permanent structures are mostly located outdoors and made of brick or stone. The temperatures can easily reach 900°F and stay that way for a long time. This means you can service numerous people in your backyard and everyone will be fed quickly and efficiently.

One of the advantages of building or installing an oven in your backyard, is the ability to cook your pizza in two or three minutes. This certainly beats cooking frozen pizza in a traditional oven for around 20 minutes or asking your fast food delivery people to complete the task.

The wood adds a great smoky flavor to your pizza and the crusts cook quickly so that they do not become soggy, like so many frozen varieties.

Clearly you cannot guarantee a perfect pizza from your wood-burning pizza oven every time, but you can increase the chances of producing a great pizza much quicker and better tasting than a fast food delivery.

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