Bullet Proof Glass for the Common Individual

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Security

The rise of gun possession has turned out to be widespread to the point that numerous individuals, especially those in the business segment, are trying to install Bullet proof glass fittings. These fittings are as a preventive measure for weapon proprietors whom are utilizing their arms to confer unlawful acts. On a few occasions of life and death, bullet proof glass is the main assurance a man has. Whatever the reason is for searching out this valuable security highlight, it is imperative to grasp completely how it functions.

What Bullet Proof Glass Made Of

Bullet proof glass can be delivered in a variety of ways; however, normally it is made by layering a polycarbonate material between sheets of conventional glass. This makes a glass like material that is thicker than ordinary glass. The thickness of bullet proof glass can shift between 7-75 millimeters.

Bullet Round Limit

There is nothing uncommon about the presence of glass that is impervious to bullets. Truth be told, it looks simply like every other standard kind of glass. The separating component is obvious in the way by which the glass smashes quickly when hit. The capacity to withstand a mixture of bullet rounds will be subject to the thickness of the proof glass.

One Sided Glass

On occasions where the person behind the glass wishes to return fire at the culprit, a one sided kind of proof glass would be needed. These kinds are accessible and have the capacity to ensure an individual yet permitting them to fire back.

If a Bullet Strikes

What happens when a bullet strikes this kind of glass? For the most part, it will just puncture the outside layer and that is exactly the place the bullet stops. The reasoning behind this is that the polycarbonate material has the capacity to assimilate the bullet’s vitality and stop its pulverization control dead in its tracks.

Normal Uses

There are numerous uses for defensive glass other than the indisputable use in law implementation fields. With the current condition of things, there is no particular place that is viewed as protected. Indeed, even private spaces and business foundations can gain by a bullet proof glass installation.

The thought of being shot is not one that any individual should need to consider, it is however essential to understand that it is a potential risk. To recover from such an occasion, going ahead and installing bullet proof glass can offer any assurance against potentially harmful situations.

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