Choose a High Quality, Effective Fire Sprinkler Brand

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Business

If you are looking for an effective fire sprinkler NJ has some reliable brands to consider. The best brand is one that has the winning combination of technology with proven expertise. Typically, an automatic sprinkler head is designed to work there is enough heat in the vicinity. In other words, it doesn’t break into a rain at the slightest hint of fire but when there is enough heat to melt the glass bulb or small piece of metal which is its fusible link. The goal of the sprinkler is not to douse the fire, it really cannot do that, but to control the fire until the firemen arrive at the scene.

There are different kinds of sprinklers to opt for. These range from pendent and flush pendent styles to horizontal sidewall and upright ones. Many commercial places prefer to opt for concealed sprinklers which can a flat plat or dome to cover them. Some fire sprinkler firms also specialize in installing pendent heads with suspended ceilings. These are installed flush to the ceiling which keeps them concealed and offers a smooth appearance. In times of fire, the sprinkler is activated and the cover plate drops off. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13, (NFPA) 13D, and (NFPA) 13R provide the specific guidelines for fire sprinkler design, application and installation across U.S.

The different types of sprinkler systems offered by professional firms include the Wet sprinkler system which has water stored within its pipes right up to the head. This water is discharged in a specific spray pattern when activated. Then there is the Dry type system which is typically installed in colder climes with high prospect of freezing temperatures. The piping here is pressurized with air or nitrogen to avoid water freezing within the sprinkler branch line. The Pre-action system is a meant for places which house sensitive electronics and where accidental water dispensing may cause heavy property damage.

No matter what kind of system one opts for and for what kind of property, all equipment needs to have UL and/or FM approval. Typically, the professional fire sprinkler NJ service you hire will ensure that the sprinklers pass all inspections before installing and they verify the process with the stamped logo of approval. These are fully trained professionals and firms with time tested experience in dealing with fire and fire related incidents. They know what kind of system would work for your property best which naturally means better protection for a long time.

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