Bring Sustainable Seafood to Your Menu the Easy Way

Seafood from the heart of New England is as rich in tradition as it is in flavor. From the Native Americans to the immigrants who brought their own traditional recipes, the cultures that sailed the seas to the New World each have their own flavors. Even inland, your restaurant can benefit from offering seafood fresh from the docks of Boston by contracting with wholesale seafood distributors who carry all kinds of fish and shellfish for your kitchen.

Go Sustainable

Today’s restaurant customers and catering clients are concerned with price, but also with sustainability. It’s no secret that some fisheries are crashing, fished out to the point where they have a long road to recovery. By using and advertising that your restaurant or catering service uses sustainably-sourced seafood, you’ll find concerned diners more willing to expend some extra funds to ensure that they’re being responsible toward the environment. The Boston Globe recommends eating locally-sourced seafood, looking at regional specialty fish, and always eating wild-caught. Using the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s list of seafood is a good way to start sourcing seafood for your kitchen and opens the door to a range of terrific new dishes that are sure to please.

Learn Fish and Seafood

Fish and seafood cooks quickly and can be on the table fast whether it’s an appetizer or a main course. An experienced wholesale seafood distributor can let you know what is and is not in season, and make sure that there’s always something special available. From humble fish and chips to lobster thermidor, there are a lot of ways to please those hungry people. Work on fish and seafood skills with your chef before bringing dishes to the menu, and develop signature presentations and dishes that will bring you praise and fame.

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