Auto Insurance in St Charles MO; Types of Coverage

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Insurance

Every person that drives in America must possess some form of auto insurance by law. It is however alarming to know that a good number of people have little or no understanding of their policies; especially the different options open to them. Choosing an ideal insurance that fits your needs and those of your family is extremely important. It is therefore imperative that you understand the basics of auto insurance in St Charles MO. Discussed below are some common types of auto insurance coverage.

Comprehensive coverage

This coverage pays for your car damages that are not direct consequences of a collision or an overturn. Such causes include: Severe weather such as hail storms, hurricanes or tornadoes, and natural disasters such as flood or fire. It also covers such other occurrences as car theft, vandalism or damage caused when you hit a deer.

Personal liability coverage

This coverage pays for the body injury occasioned to the parties that are not included in your insurance policy. For instance, it will cover the medical bills, funeral costs, rehabilitation expenses and legal representation fees of the other driver or of the passengers of the other vehicle. This coverage will protect you from the risk of suffering financial hardship. Otherwise you would have to pay for the above mentioned costs out of your pocket.

Property damage liability coverage

If you are found at fault in an accident and your car has damaged the property of another, this coverage will indemnify that person for the losses incurred.

Collision coverage

This coverage will pay for any damages to your car in the event that your car hits another vehicle or it overturns.

Medical coverage

This will pay for you and your passengers’ medical or funeral expenses should your car get involved in an auto accident, regardless of fault. It will also cover your medical costs and those of your family should you get injured while being a pedestrian.

While most of these coverages are optional, your efforts in paying extra premiums will be well rewarded since you will be well covered in all aspects in the event of an auto accident. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable company dealing inauto insurance in St Charles MO, look no further. Contact Associated Insurance Brokers. They specialize in auto insurance, home owners insurance and business insurance in St. Charles MO and St Louis MO.

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