Are Drapery Window Treatments Making a Comeback?

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Home and Garden

Draperies were all the rage in the early sixties, but they died a cruel death. The heaviness of the fabric and lack of light killed their popularity rather quickly. Yet, here it is, 2015, and drapery window treatments are the topic of this article.

Draperies are back, and it’s looking like the window covering blanket is here to stay. Fortunately, the fabric and design of drapery panels are nothing like they used to be. The real question is how does one choose the right draperies for them.

Fabric Choices:

When deciding what kind of drapes to hang, fabrics are a big deal! Depending on the fabric, patterns, colors, and texture will all be different. Before a person should decide which fabric to use, he or she should be certain of their style choice, room theme, and color pallet. Some of the most common fabrics to choose from are:

1. Silk: Silk is most often used in solid colors, but the pallet of possibilities in near endless.

2. Solid Colored or Pattern Designed Linen: Linens are a great choice for drapes. They are relatively inexpensive, and come in all different colors and different shades. Linens are also great for patterns if the homeowner likes a modern twist in their decorating.

3. Sheer Linen: During spring and summer months, light sheer linen drapes are the perfect touch.

4. Cotton: Cotton drapes come in solid colors and patterns. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Regardless of the desired look, drapes would be a great touch. The perfect fabric will provide enough texture and design, while still remaining classy.

Outdoor Draperies

Drapes are no longer just an indoor window covering. Outdoor Drapes have become a hot new trend. Some designers have begun using outdoor drapes to add style and charm to decks, tents, and even pool awnings.

Using drapes instead of nylon for awnings and decks, give homeowners a chance to really add a personal touch to their back yard. Whether it’s a beach look or a modern resort feel that is being created, using drapes will certainly add to the beauty, as well as help to pull it all together.

Choosing drapes is not like developing a new mathematical algorithm. Whichever choice is made regarding the design is correct and based solely on the homeowner’s tastes. There are literally hundreds of options, giving anyone looking plenty of suitable choices.

What is the bottom line? Drapes are back, and they can be a beautiful addition to any home. Regardless of the desired look, you will find what you are looking for.

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