Applications and Specifications for FCC-FPC Connectors

Did you now that a main reason that flex circuits and the FCC-FPC connectors are so important to the world of connectors, is due to their superior ability to serve the position as a problem solver? The flex circuits are able to be used for bridging the gap that is present between several boards, which may not be set in a manner that actually allows a viable connection with the typical two piece mezzanine or coplanar solution. A flex cable is able to be used for transmitting signals, in addition to smaller levels of power generated from one of the boards to another one. Another use for the flex circuitry is for interconnecting backlighting applications. The most well-known and common use for flex connections is for terminating the LCD or other type of display into a specific printed circuit board.

FCC-FPC connectors are the two basic types used. The FCCs, or flat flexible cables, are considered to be the best option for providing the ability to carry a high current. FPC connectors or flexible printed circuit cables, include a type of chemically etched copper that is based on a type of Mylar, or some other type of film, that tend to be much lighter in terms of weight and that utilize a stiffener for termination on the actual board.

Some of the most common applications for the FCC-FPC connectors include:

  • Mobile handsets
  • MP3 Players
  • Various car navigation systems
  • PDAs
  • Point of sale devices
  • Handheld scanners
  • Measurement and test devices
  • Set-top boxes
  • Medical equipment
  • Retail and education
  • Flat panel TVs
  • DVD writers and players

When searching for FCC-FPC connectors for a project, device or other application, it is essential to consider the manufacturer who has produced them. This factor will have a huge impact on the quality and effectiveness of the product purchased. In regard to these types of components, cheaper is not always better and in many cases when a bargain-basement product or component is purchased and used, it can result in the device or application not working as desired. This can result in a huge monetary loss and time loss for a company that is attempting to create/achieve a certain product/goal.

As you can see, FCC-FPC connectors are used in a number of applications. However, knowing what you are purchasing is essential to ensure the desired results are achieved. Don’t jump into a buying decision without carefully considering the product, price and what it will be used for. These factors will help ensure a desirable outcome.

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