A Prompt Chimney Repair in Brooklyn, NY can Prevent a House Fire

People clearly understand the relationship of a chimney to a fireplace. They set the fire and then they watch the smoke go up the chimney. The same relationship holds for modern furnaces and chimneys. That’s why it’s important for chimneys to be inspected and serviced as often as furnaces. Chimneys take combustible gases away from the furnace and disperse them to the air. If there are cracks in the chimney, then these gases can leak into the house. Chimney Repair in Brooklyn NY should be done as soon as cracks are found, because these gases can be harmful to people and pets.

Modern chimneys have liners that act as a barrier between the gases and the masonry walls. The liner needs to be cleaned regularly so that soot and creosote don’t build up on the sides. If chimneys aren’t cleaned, then the chimney will clog up and there will not be enough space to ventilate the furnace adequately. This will make the furnace less efficient. Creosote is also very combustible. It can cause a chimney fire that could require a costly Chimney Repair in Brooklyn NY.

Older chimneys were made before liners were required by building codes. When it’s time to replace the furnace, local law often requires that the chimney be upgraded. The easiest way to do this is to insert a chimney liner through the existing chimney. Liners are usually rigid stainless steel or a flexible pipe. Stainless steel liners are easy to insert in an older chimney that is straight. It is durable and can be vigorously cleaned, because it is so strong. This ensures that creosote and soot don’t build up in it.

However, many older chimneys are not straight. In this case, the professional performing the Chimney Repair in Brooklyn NY will use a flexible pipe to reline the chimney. A soft plastic brush must to be used to clean this type of chimney liner because its sides are so thin. US Chimney Corporation Brooklyn, NY is a company that performs these services. Their technicians can answer any questions a homeowner might have about repairing a crack in a chimney wall or replacing a liner. Visit http://www.uschimney.com for more details.

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