A Buyer’s Guide to Bar Equipment

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Restaurant

Whether you’re opening a smoothie bar, coffee bar, or a traditional alcohol bar, you need the right equipment to get your business going. For those who have never bought bar equipment before, the purchasing process can be a little scary. With so many options out there, knowing what to buy and whether you are making the best decision is never easy.

To help ensure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to your purchase, below is an overview of the essential equipment that every bar owner needs for his or her bar. Most of these items are applicable to all bars, so this advice is valuable to everyone.

The Coolers and the Sink

When browsing bar equipment for sale, the first two items that you need to be sure to purchase are the bar cooler and the sink. Bar coolers, which are mainly utilized in bars serving alcohol, are used to store beverages at a chilly temperature. In most cases, you’ll be able to find coolers that are made from different materials. The one that you choose should conform to the style of your bar.

In terms of the sink, it is also an indispensable feature that you should be sure not to skimp on. The sink enables you and your staff to keep your bar clean and sanitary at all times. Additionally, it is certain that your state’s health code requires that your bar be equipped with a sink. Make sure to be familiar local health codes before you make this purchase so you don’t wind up wasting your money on a sink that isn’t up to code.

Liquor Pourer

While a pourer doesn’t necessarily need to be used for liquor — it can be used for coffee syrup as well — it is also an item that you should be sure to have at your disposal. The pourer enables your servers to keep measurements uniform and drinks consistent. Pourers also come in many different colors and textures, which means that you can pick a style that fits in with your bar’s overall theme.

Anti-Slip Floor Mats

Any law-savvy restaurant owner knows that owning a restaurant or bar comes with tremendous liability. Floor mats are an essential part of keeping your liabilities under control. With a mat in place, you can keep your employees safe in a bar that is likely to see many spills throughout its lifetime.

Not only are the mats ideal for protecting the interests of your bar and employees, but it also provides your employees with that extra bit of extra cushion to help them feel more comfortable throughout their shift.

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