5 Ways to Order Fresh Seafood

Everybody wants to order fresh seafood. But not everyone is taking the time and effort to get it right. Read on to know how you can get your seafood tender, tasty and fresh:


Do a bit of research and find out where you can get fresh seafood. For some, the easiest way might involve heading over to the market for the day’s catch. However, if that’s neither convenient nor possible for you given your location or schedule, the next best thing you could do is to put in an order for seafood to a supplier. With plenty of online options, you won’t lack for choices.

Store it right

Know how to store your seafood once the order comes to your door. If you have no plans of cooking it straight away, proper storage is going to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Putting it in an airtight container is one way. Make sure you store it in the coldest part of your fridge, says Lifestyle Food.

Know the signs

Recognize the signs of seafood going bad or spoiled. Otherwise, you could end up with a bad case of food poisoning. If you don’t know what to look for, go online and do your research.

Ask for help

If this is your first time preparing and cooking seafood, then don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help. If you already know an exceptional cook, reach out for tips and tricks to help you get your seafood to taste just perfect.

Look for the right supplier

When you order fresh seafood, don’t just get it from any supplier. Look for one that’s been around for years. A good reputation for excellence and quality are great qualities to consider. With a trustworthy supplier, getting fresh seafood is easy, convenient and hassle-free.

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