With Proper Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach FL Your AC Can Last for Years

by | Dec 15, 2014 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Living in the Ormond Beach area you often have to worry about the weather. Of particular concern are those hot or balmy days. To make these days more bearable you can treat the air in your home or business. The most common method of cooling a building uses an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) unit or a stand-alone central air system. These are two piece systems that have the condenser located outside and the air exchange on the inside of the building. This particular equipment works by collecting heat around an evaporator coil which produces chilled air. The cooled air is then forced into the building by a blower and a series of air ducts. Over time these appliances can break and need some sort of Air Conditioning Repair.

There are several types of Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach FL. For example, an air conditioner can freeze. This usually happens when the evaporator coil is dirty and the air doesn’t flow through it properly. Condensation builds up on the coil and mixes with dust and dirt. This gunk then freezes which causes a larger blockage. This can create quite a few problems and even cause the coil to rupture and lose refrigerant. In the worst case scenario this loss of refrigerant could cause the condenser to lock up. Your air conditioning expert can handle this situation before it becomes a problem by cleaning the coil in an acid bath.

One part of the AC, the condenser unit, is under constant strain whenever it is operating. The condenser compresses the refrigerant which causes a state change and pumps the coolant into the building. For all of this to happen the refrigerant must be at a specific pressure, but that pressure will change once the refrigerant enters the evaporator coil and begins to collect heat. At this point it must be pushed out of the home and into the cooling coil located in the condenser cabinet. If the condenser freezes or locks up then the only option is Air Conditioning Repair in Ormond Beach FL. The technician will need to remove the refrigerant from the system and then replace the condenser. With proper repair and maintenance you can keep your AC operating for many years.



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