Why Should You Hire Bankruptcy Attorneys in Topeka KS?

Personal bankruptcy is not cheap. It involves a lot of expenses, including the filing fees, credit counseling fees, and trustee fees among others. For this reason, a lot of people get tempted into filing a bankruptcy petition without representation in a bid to save on costs. However, this process can be extremely daunting, but it can be made much more manageable with the professional assistance of bankruptcy Attorneys in Topeka KS. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a lawyer is prudent.

Dealing with the complexity of bankruptcy law

Filing for bankruptcy proceedings can be very intimidating. You may not have an idea on the type of bankruptcy that is more suitable for your circumstances. For instance, chapter 11 bankruptcy is ordinarily reserved for petitioners whose amount of debts exceeds the statutory limitations for filing under chapter 13, chapter 7 bankruptcy involves allowing the court to seize and sell some of your assets to help pay off the debts, while discharging you from your remaining debts and chapter 13 allows you to reorganize your debts, while creating a debt repayment plan that outlines how you will pay back creditors. Evidently, all this is too much to handle alone for an inexperienced person. You will therefore need to hire a lawyer having requisite experience in the type of bankruptcy you plan on filing.

Protection from harassment

Bankruptcy proceedings will often involve numerous calls and visits from your creditors and debt collection agencies, who will be legally entitled to contact you. However, once you hire a lawyer, they will divert their attention to the lawyer for they will be directed to call his/her office, effectively making the calls to your home or workplace stop. This will not only save you from embarrassment, you will also save on time and stress of dealing with creditors.

Prevention of mistake

Proper filing of the paperwork is extremely essential in ensuring that your petition is not delayed or even dismissed. An attorney will be adequately informed on the correct manner of filing, saving you costs and time.

While hiring an attorney for your bankruptcy proceedings is important, finding a qualified and experienced attorney is even more crucial in ensuring a favorable outcome. If you are looking for bankruptcy attorneys in Topeka KS, contact Joe Wittman. They have experience in handling both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy for their clients. Visit www.joewlaw.com for details.


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