When to See an Optometrist in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Eye Care

Your optometrist plays a vital role in your health. Many diseases, like diabetes, can strongly affect your eyesight. If you are not seeing a primary physician as often as you should, an optometrist may spot changes which could alert you to a potential health problem. In addition, these professionals also protect your eyes, and obviously your eyesight is very important. This is why you should have annual appointments and schedule an appointment if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Headaches or Eye Pain

Eye strain is one of the most common causes of both of these issues. In some cases this could be a matter of too much time spent on computers or other electronic devices. It could also be a sign that you need corrective lenses or the ones you have are not strong enough. In many instances these problems can be corrected easily, which means you could finally have the relief you have been looking for.

Early Detection of Problems

Glaucoma and a detached retina can cause blindness and in the early stages will often have little or no signs. This is why an annual appointment is a must, because you will never know until it is often too late to correct or control the problem.

Eye Pain or Redness

Everyone has dry eyes now and then and bloodshot eyes can happen after a long night of partying, with too little sleep or because of allergies. These are understandable, but when these problems happen with no obvious reason, it is good to be concerned. Eye infections, eye diseases and injuries to the eye or optic nerve can also cause both of these symptoms. Some of them can also include itching and a discharge, others will not. Some may need medication or close observation, others may not. You will not know until you see an optometrist in Colorado Springs CO area and with their care, you can make certain any serious infections or injuries are cared for before permanent damage occurs.

Everyone should schedule an annual exam with an eye doctor even if their eyes seem healthy. If there are any concerns in-between your exams, always make an additional appointment to make certain you are able to maintain the health of your eyes.
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