When Moving, Do You Need Special Packing Boxes For Santa Maria CA?

Anyone planning to move anything over more than an extremely short distance knows that the items being moved should be placed in some sort of protective packaging so as to avoid damage during transit. Cardboard carton boxes are the mainstay for Packing Boxes In Santa Maria CAL or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Larger items such as television sets may require their own special size box and additional internal cushioning; heavier or bulkier items may need wooden crates but for the majority of small to medium sized possessions that we acquire as part and parcel of everyday home living carton boxes are ideal. There is, of course, the proviso that everything within the carton box will need some additional wrapping and cushioning; this will usually be a mix of the now ubiquitous bubble wrap, tissue paper, newspaper along with light weight towels and pillow cases.

So, you do not need anything extraordinary by way of Packing Boxes For Santa Maria CA when moving within, to or from that particular part of California. You should note however that there are strict rules within California as to items that you are not allowed to transport within the packing boxes that you are using for your move.

Where To Get Your Packaging Materials?

For newer electronic appliances (kitchen, entertainment, computer, etc) you might have kept the packaging that they came in at the time you purchased them – usually a tailored carton box with specially shaped polystyrene support inside for the appliance. These are ideal for repacking the items prior to a move but many of us do not have sufficient storage space to keep them much beyond the appliance’s warranty expiry date.

Therefore, it is more than likely that we will need to contact the moving company that we intend to use and seek their advice as to the number, type and size of Packing Boxes For Santa Maria CA that we will need. You can buy similar boxes retail but remember that packaging boxes are a daily staple for the moving companies so, they will be buying them in bulk and can sell them on to you at attractive prices.

How To Pack Your Boxes?

The general rule of thumb is to allocate boxes to the items in specific rooms and to comfortably fill each box with well wrapped and cushioned items of a similar nature. Heavier items should be at the bottom of the box and the box sides should not bulge or bend in. Ideally, no box should weigh more than 50 pounds and all boxes should be securely sealed and identified on the outside by the name of the room it came from and a brief list of its contents – e.g. “Den – books”.

When you use ASAP Movers, their Packing Boxes For Santa Maria CA are not only sound, secure and designed for the job but, ASAP will also recommend exactly what you will need and supply them to you. They have a good guide to packaging that can be downloaded from

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