What You Need to Know About Eczema Treatment

If you are one of the estimated 30 million Americans who suffer from eczema, you realize how difficult it is to find an effective Eczema Treatment. Eczema is a general term for a skin inflammation that involves dry, red and itchy skin. There are about a half dozen different types of eczema with varying degrees of severity, but the most common is atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis typically begins during childhood but can present itself at any age.

The first thing an eczema sufferer has to know is that there is no “cure” for the condition. Affected areas can be healed and then controlled, but there is no magical pill or injection that will make it go away. It may go away on its own over time, but for many it will be a lifelong condition.

If a person has been diagnosed as having eczema, there are two basic methods of treatment: management and medication.


Managing eczema is done by avoiding irritants to the skin, keeping the skin moist on a daily basis and avoiding triggers that can cause the condition to flare up.

Take short warm baths or showers every day. Use a mild soap when washing to avoid drying the skin. When drying off, use a soft towel and gently pat the skin while making sure you do not rub the affected areas. A few minutes after you’ve bathed and dried, apply a moisturiser to help conserve the moisture. Wear clothes that are made of soft fabrics like cotton and avoid clothes that are made of heavier fibres or are tight fitting. Try and avoid rapid changes in temperature or any activity that will make you sweat heavily. Keep your fingernails trimmed to a level so you can’t break your skin if you scratch in your sleep. And finally, try to avoid very stressful situations.


The most common medicinal treatment for eczema is the use of topical steroids. These corticosteroids are creams or ointments that are applied to patches of eczema that have flared up despite your best management efforts. Use the topical steroid until the affected areas have healed and then stop. Applying them once a day for a period of about a week is usually sufficient.

Though eczema is a bothersome condition, it can be managed if you follow the methods described above. Professionals like those at the Allergy Asthma & Immunology Relief are very experienced in Eczema Treatment.

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