What to Look for in a Provider of Trucking Jobs in Michigan

Trucking jobs in Michigan are ideal for individuals who are looking for work opportunities with high levels of job security. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 250,000 truck drivers will be needed by 2016. The fact that there is a significant shortage of drivers who can transport raw materials and finished products means that as a truck driver, you will be invaluable in the years ahead.

If you are interested in trucking jobs in Michigan, look for a company with a high reputation in the industry, as this will only elevate your reputation in the field long-term. The company should have an operating philosophy that mirrors the philosophies promoted by organizations such as The Truckload Carriers Association as well as The National Industrial Transportation League, which promotes solid freight policies.

Technology and Safety
The trucking company you choose should additionally offer tractors and trailers that are equipped with satellite tracking. This allows the company to know where its loads are located and thus enable customers to track their shipments online—an added convenience that will keep customers coming back to the company and thus provide job security for you. The company should also be focused on providing an extremely safe work environment for you, In fact, if you work for a company whose safety record is strong, you’ll be less likely to be inspected and thus can simply concentrate on enjoying the open road and getting the job done.

Environmental Considerations
The best providers of trucking jobs in Michigan are also environmentally friendly. For instance, such a company may feature tractors that run on compressed natural gas instead of on diesel fuel. The tractors should also be aerodynamic and have side skirts, which makes them more efficient. Look for companies that have specifically received U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognition as SmartWay Transportation Partners.

Whether you are interested in local, short-haul, regional or over-the-road driving opportunities, experts at a high-quality, experienced company can help you choose the type of trucking job that will work well with your preferred schedule and ultimately make for a fulfilling career in Michigan.

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