What People Need to Know About Oil and Gas Royalties

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Business

If a person owns property that has oil and gas underneath it, they can develop those resources and make a profit doing it. The landowner will need to decide whether they want to try to extract the resources on their own or reach out to a firm that has the equipment and technical skill to do the job. Since most property, owners do not have the expertise or financial resources to do the job the best option is reaching out to an organization that can extract these resources. These companies will exploit the resources and provide the property owner with an oil and gas royalty.

Not All Oil and Gas Royalties Are Created Equal

Some property owners think that these oil and gas royalties work the same way but they do not, each agreement is unique. What the property owner needs to do is look for the organization that has the greatest amount of experience and success extracting these resources. There are two reasons why an individual needs to do this. The first benefit is firms that have a considerable amount of experience extracting oil and gas should be able to provide better results with reduced operational costs. The other reason is firms with a considerable amount of experience usually are more financially stable which is another important item. When the property owner has narrowed down their list of firms to only those that have a substantial amount of experience and are, financially stable the next step is reviewing the oil and gas royalty agreements.

Steps to Take When Assessing an Oil and Gas Royalty Agreement

Look at the duration of the agreement and whether the royalty is going to be paid on a specific volume of the natural resource or will the property owner take a percentage of the total revenue generated. This is a very important distinction since it has a direct impact on how much money the property owner is going to receive. After the property owner has identified the royalty agreement they feel is the most suitable for their needs, they can move forward with the decision.

Property owners that want to make the most of their natural resources will need to implement all of these suggestions. The good news is by following these recommendations a property owner should be able to generate a massive amount of revenue from their oil and gas royalty.

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