What Is CNC Machining?

by | May 18, 2016 | Business

Producing items in metal, wood, or some other material can be a great artistic endeavor, or it can be a mundane industrial effort. You can make one-of-a-kind artwork with different machining tools, or you can mass-produce products to run a business. Handmade items are great for artwork but they might not be the best way to run a business. If you’re trying to produce a large number of items, they need to be made to certain specifics, and they need to be produced quickly. How do you produce an item quickly, precisely, and repeatedly?

Computerized Numerical Controlled Machining

Machining is the process of making an item using some kind of automated tool. Numerical control of a machine means that the tool operates according to some kind of preprogrammed routing. Computerized numerical control machining (CNC machining) is the process of using a computer to control your machine. So you could input the design of a tool into a CNC machine, and it would then stamp or cut the tool out of a piece of material exactly to your specifications. A computerized machine completely removes the possibility for human error. If you input the information correctly and the machine is operating correctly, it will produce a product exactly to your precise specifications.

The Benefits

CNC machining removes the human element and the possibility of human error. A human artisan, no matter how skilled, can always slip or mess up a tool. It also takes a lot longer to make something by hand than it does to make it using a machine. If you’re trying to make artwork, then handcrafting is probably a great idea. But if you need a lot of products produced quickly and precisely to certain specifications, you need a computerized machine capable of mass-producing items.

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