Understanding The Meaning Behind Traditional Flowers In Bridal Bouquets

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Throughout the ages flowers have been used to signify a wide range of different emotions and meanings. While you can choose any traditional or unique flowers for your wedding flowers and bridal bouquets, it is always interesting to know the meaning behind the flowers that you are carrying down the aisle.

To get started on learning the traditional meaning behind wedding flowers in bridal bouquets let’s start with the more common and work towards those that are less commonly thought of as wedding flowers, but perhaps they should be.


Roses are some of the most popular wedding flowers in bridal bouquets and, in fact, some bouquets are made up entirely of roses. The meaning of roses is different based on the color of the flower. According to master gardeners and florists white and off-white roses, which are very popular, signify purity, innocence and that the one bearing the rose is worthy of being with the other.

Red roses are a symbol of love, courage and respect as well as passion. Dark pink roses are for appreciation and light pink are for admiration, joy and sweetness. Yellow roses as wedding flowers in bridal bouquets are a sign of friendship and a new beginning while peach and coral roses are signs of gratitude and desire.


Lilies are always popular because of their beauty. They signify truth, honor and majesty. The Lily of the Valley, which is a popular option to baby’s breath as wedding flowers in bridal bouquets, signifies happiness while baby’s breath itself is symbolic of innocence.


The sunflower is becoming more popular again in wedding flowers in bridal bouquets and its meaning in a bouquet symbolizes adoration. Often sunflowers are combined with lilies and filler greenery in a bouquet for vibrant color and very positive message about your relationship.

However, if you really want to send a message with your wedding flowers in bridal bouquets then you want to make sure to include a few Stephanotises. These are waxy looking white flowers that have five petals and are actually known as Madagascar Jasmine or Bridal Veil in many areas. This little flower sends perhaps the most positive message, that of marital happiness, which is certainly what you are planning for your future.

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