Types of Equipment Used by Municipalities across America

Hundreds of thousands of tons of trash in the United States needs to be disposed of annually. This includes garbage and recyclables. To remove and dispose of the trash and recyclables properly, cities must use the right type of refuse equipment for the job. In addition, they must have special trucks and other types of equipment to serve the needs of citizens. Types of equipment that they must have include but are not limited to excavators, boom trucks, skid steers, street strippers, pump trucks, and garbage trucks. The following is a brief overview of the most common types of equipment that city workers use to complete their jobs:

1. Skid Steers. This piece of equipment has many names that include skid loader, skid steer loader, and skid steer. It is a small machine that is engine powered with a rigid frame and lift arms. Different tools and attachments can be placed on the equipment to save workers from having to manually perform many of their tasks. It can help to move large items from one place to another, and it can lift heavy items as well.

2. Excavator. An excavator is a machine that is used to dig dirt. It is mostly used on building sites, or in areas where city workers need to dig to install pipes and other things that are needed underground. It can also move large rocks and other heavy objects.

3. Boom Truck. A boom truck has an arm extendable arm that is folded over the top of the truck. It also has a bucket that is attached to the extendable arm. These trucks enable city workers to reach trees, cables, and other things that are in the air, to perform their jobs safely and effectively.

4. Street Striper. A street striper is used to paint the lines that you see on roadways. It is a large piece of equipment, and can hold different colors or pain to paint both white lines at the edge of roads and the yellow lines that go down the center of roads.

5. Refuse Equipment. This type of equipment consists of garbage trucks of all types, including roll off trucks and side loading garbage trucks. Every city has them, and they are absolutely essential for street departments across America. We would not be able to move trash without them.

There are reputable suppliers that can get you set-up with the types of equipment that you need to effectively provide services to your customers. Research any company throughout before purchasing equipment, and ensure that they can provide you with an excellent level of service.

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