Titanium Comes in for a Landing

It might have been named the Concorde but it was protected from heat caused by friction because it had a thin skin of titanium on it. It is even stronger than steel, less than half as heavy and doesn’t rust. It has more uses then in planes though. Titanium is used in some very surprising ways.  It is used in making toothpaste, dentures, and wedding rings to the creation of hip joints and deep sea subs.

The Many Uses are Amazing

The use that may be the most well-known is as a whitener. Almost 95% of the titanium we use is titanium dioxide, arguably one of the whitest things ever known, and you can find it in paint to paper and toothpaste to ceramic tiles and so much more. The use we could probably never live without is the titanium that makes up so much of our airplanes. Not only used to cover the plane but the hydraulics, landing gear and so many inner parts of the engine. It has been used in our space aeronautics program as well.

Medical, Food and Jewelry Uses as Well

Eyeglasses made from titanium alloys are extremely strong yet still quite flexible and because it does not cause an adverse reaction when placed into the human body, it is perfect for replacing joints. The same can be said of those qualities when it is used to coat food assembly machinery. When it comes to jewelry there is even a gem named titania created from titanium oxide. Its brilliance outshines even diamonds but it is malleable so not as useful. Titanium is the secret weapon behind low-E windows which is a way to be both environmentally conscious and prudent with your money. New amazing uses are being found every single day.

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