The Variety and Versatility of Aluminum Corner Trim

by | Jun 29, 2015 | Business

Aluminum corner trim is a versatile moulding and building material for any contractor or DIYer, who’s adding trim to the outside of a house or the edges to a 1950s bar counter. Since it has a variety of uses, it’s perfect for just about any exterior or interior job – from windows to flooring to retrofitting.

Aluminum corner trim provides a handy, durable alternative to normal wood trim. As one of the sturdiest, most lightweight metals, it is low maintenance, resisting the dry rot, water damage, and termite infestations that plague wooden structures. When used on outdoor projects, aluminum trim helps to protect your building from the weather. Aluminum trim also provides protection for your indoor projects, such as table and counter edges.

Shapes and Lengths
Aluminum moulding comes in a variety of shapes and lengths, making it ideal for any interior or exterior project. From straight edges to pointed edges to thin strips and wide strips, aluminum moulding can fit almost any area. Also, it’s flexibility and durability mean that it can be put into some spaces without damage to its look or shape.

Aluminum corner trim is useful in a variety of projects. It can be used as a corner moulding for your stairs or windows, or provide the perfect accent trim to a table. Additionally, it provides the perfect edging trim when laying down tile floors or performing other types of tile work.

Corner trim made of aluminum isn’t only useful; it’s also decorative. Whether you want to add contemporary touches to a room or outfit a restaurant with retro accents, it can add the necessary style that completes your project.

Also, it comes in many different colors. This means you can aim for the shiny silver look, a duller grey, white, and more in your decorating options. With a range of colors, you can’t help but find something suitable for your project needs.

Not only that, this type of corner trim can be mounted in different ways, such as bolted or glued, all to bring out the specific style and design that you want. And, no matter what, it looks good.

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