The Role of Constant Voltage Transformers & Other Models

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Small Business

Without transformers, the use of electrical energy for everyday applications would be practically impossible. If your business or organization uses constant voltage transformers, three phase power, or another type of transformer to complete operations, you likely understand the important role transformers play. When you need thorough repair or maintenance services for your transformer, it’s best to rely on a company comprised of skilled, insured, and licensed electricians who are well-versed in the ins and outs of transformers’ components.

Types & Uses of Transformers

Transformers come in various sizes, designs, and configurations of power. However, in essence, all are designed to transform one form of voltage into another by way of electromagnetic induction. Transformers are used for an array of operations involving systems for residential, commercial, and industrial entities. For example, single phase power configurations are ideal for powering heating and cooling systems, while three phase power optimizes industrial equipment by transmitting long-distance voltage. Whether it’s altering voltage for the power grids, eliminating voltage distortion, or increasing efficiency in an industrial facility, transformers are integral in the use of electrical energy.

Transforming & Conducting Energy

To transform voltage and carry it from one circuit to another, a transformer utilizes four main parts – the core, input and output connections, and windings. Transformers alter the current and voltage of electrical energy, depending on the requirements of the application. For example, transformers located at the top of utility poles in residential areas lessen the amount of voltage carried by high voltage wires, dispersing safe levels of voltage to homes. Different power configurations serve separate functions, whether they’re being used to power residential lighting or reduce harmonic frequency associated with motor drives.

Basics of Constant Voltage

One of the many different types of transformers is constant voltage transformers, which function as consistent voltage regulators. Constant voltage systems use LC circuits, capacitors, and high-voltage windings to transfer output voltages that are virtually constant. These types of transformers are often large and produce a noticeable humming sound. They also tend to run hot because they’re saturating transformers. However, two important benefits of constant voltage transformers are their low maintenance and dependability, as they can produce nearly constant currents even when multiple redundant capacitors fail. To know more about constant voltage transformers visit

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