The importance of fire sprinkler system inspection

Although fire sprinklers system installations are standard in many buildings they are not the type of system that can be simply installed and forgotten about, hoping that when they are called upon to work, they do. To avoid malfunctions, it is extremely important that fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is undertaken at least once a year by a competent inspection team, although many building owners are of the opinion that more frequent inspections are better. Regardless of whether the system is inspected on an annual basis or more frequently one thing is for sure, if there has been a discharge or the system has been modified in some way, it must be inspected.

Inspection is an important part of defense against fire:

It is patently obvious that the fire protection and suppression system must work properly when called upon to quell a blaze. Under the regulations that have been established by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) the fire sprinkler system in a building must be inspected on a regular basis by an inspector licensed by the state. NFPA regulations have set the standard for what is acceptable and most local authorities have taken the regulations as their standard. These standards address such critical items as:

  • Water supply: The capacity of the sprinkler system relies on the water supply. For the system to work properly it must have adequate water at a specific pressure. These specifications were met at the time of system design and installation but things change. To ensure the system works as it was designed to, fire inspection system inspection in NJ needs to be carried out.

  • Pressure and flow: The same holds true, the original definition of system pressure and water flow was critical then and is critical now. To ensure the design parameters are maintained, regular inspections must be carried out.

There is no “half right” when it comes to fire sprinklers systems. To ensure that the people who work in your facility are provided with a safe place, regular inspections are an absolute must. Visit Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp.

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