The Duties of an Unarmed Security Officer in Atlanta

by | Oct 23, 2015 | Security

When your company needs to hire a security guard service, you will probably be asked if you need armed or unarmed security services. For many companies, unarmed guards will fill their needs, especially if the security guard is working in a public setting. If money is an issue, then hiring unarmed guards will be less expensive than hiring those who are trained and carry a firearm.

The Duties of a Security Guard

The main reason to hire a security service is to help keep your business and property safe from potential threats, such as thieves or vandals. An unarmed security officer in Atlanta will be the extra set of eyes you need during business hours and after your establishment has closed for the day. They may watch the building from a bank of camera monitors, or they may do foot patrols to make sure your business is safe and secure.

Security guards may monitor who enters the building during operating hours by checking in visitors and directing them to the correct location. An unarmed security officer who monitors visitors to a business will usually be dressed in a business suit so they do not stand out too much. However, they are still security personnel and will summon help if someone who is unauthorized or unexpected tries to gain entrance to the building.

For Public Safety

Most security guards working in schools, movie theaters, and retail stores, or during special events, are unarmed because they are there for public safety purposes. They will usually monitor people as they pass by, may check backpacks or handbags to make sure no contraband enters the area, and will respond to problems as needed. However, because they are unarmed, if an emergency does occur, they will contact the proper authorities to handle a more dangerous situation.

An unarmed security officer is not paid as well as an armed officer, so your business can save money by hiring unarmed officers if they are appropriate for your needs. If your company wants someone to help monitor the business after hours, they may hire an unarmed guard who will be stationed inside of the store to help prevent people from breaking into the building. In addition, they may work during business hours and help prevent shoplifting with their presence.

An unarmed guard may also be hired as a residential security guard to drive by the homes of clients to act as a deterrent for burglars. Since they are not armed, they have to be prepared to call the police for assistance if a crime does occur. However, usually their presence is enough to keep a home from being broken into. Unarmed security guards can help keep your business safe and help you save money on security services. Click here for more information.

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