The Amazing Versatility of Panel-Clips

If you’ve ever been in a position where a large piece of artwork, heavy shelving, wooden panel or other unwieldy item had to be mounted on or secured to a wall, you know that the standard methods – such as nails and hangers – simply aren’t up to the task. For safety, durability and ease of use, panel-clips can’t be beaten.

These clips make it possible to secure safely heavy, bulky or “floating” items easily as well as discreetly, along with helping avoid the need for surface screws. They also allow for the easy removal of an item should the need arise – for example, in the case of a damaged panel that needs to be replaced.

How Panel-Clips are Used
The system couldn’t be simpler to manage. A series of wall clips are fastened to the wall at the desired height while a corresponding series of panel-clips are fastened to the panel or another item in question. The item being secured to the wall is then lifted slightly higher than its desired height, pressed firmly against the wall and slid down to lock the clips together. It’s important to check to be sure all of the clips have been engaged before releasing the item.

A Wide Variety of Uses
There is no end to the number of uses for panel-clips, regardless of whether you’re merely redecorating your home or working on a major construction project. Their usefulness in mounting or securing objects on a wall makes them a valuable tool. For example, they can be used for:

 * Securing cabinetry
 * Hanging shelving
 * Hanging artwork/picture frames
 * Mounting acoustic or decorative wall panels
 * Hanging signs

Businesses, offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, homes … the list goes on as to the places where panel-clips can be used.

Sturdy Construction
Because these clips are charged with such an important task – after all, failure might mean damage to the item or even injury should the item fall on someone – it’s critical that they be manufactured from the highest quality aluminum and using such a process as to assure strength and holding power. A quality supplier will be able to guide you to the panel-clips best suited to your unique needs.

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