Setting the Bar for Tube Guards

Not all tube guards are created equal, and Engineered Products Company (EPCO) sets the bar higher with incomparable quality, stock and service. By manufacturing tube guards at their U.S. headquarters, EPCO’s in-house extrusion process ensures greater control over quality and the ability to maintain a large in-stock inventory for meeting customer requests for just-in-time inventory and custom lengths as well as favorable pricing.

EPCO’s Standard and UV Filtering T5 Tube Guards, T8 Tube Guards, and T12 Fluorescent Tube Guards are constructed of unbreakable lexan polycarbonate for long-term reliability and stability that provide efficient, economical protection against ill environmental effects of lamp breakage. Easy to slip over fluorescent lamps, they are available in “cut-to-order” custom lengths and a variety of colors (clear, amber, red, green, blue and yellow for minimizing insect attraction) to meet a broad range of needs. All EPCO Tube Guards are available in four-foot lengths, while T8 and T12 Tube Guards are also available in eight-foot lengths.

For filtering 99% of harmful UV rays that compromise the color and quality of food products, paper, natural and synthetic textiles, paints, coatings, wood, polymer materials, etc., EPCO’s UV filtering tube guards provide the most economical solution. Encapsulated lamps actually increase re-lamping cost by 50% or more, while tube guards are easily slipped off and on during lamp replacement to minimize facility management expense.


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