Selecting A Screw Conveyer

A screw conveyor, which may also be known as an auger, is essential in many different applications. It is extremely useful in moving dry materials, such as powders, pellets, grains or granules, or any other solid substance that flows.

Since a screw conveyor is enclosed, it can also be used in moving semi-solids and even more liquid materials such as slurries. While there will be some of the liquid that drains back over the distance, with a well-designed screw conveyer this is not a problem as the volume of semi-solid can be controlled to provide a steady supply at the outlet end.

Getting the right screw conveyor for the job is not a complicated process. Working with top company with experienced in supplying to the processing industry allows you to take advantage of their experience and expertise in helping to select just the right piece of equipment.

Length and Size

The length of the screw conveyor is important for several reasons. Since the angle of the incline on the auger can change to fit the configuration needed, knowing the maximum length you will need on the given incline angle is essential.

These augers can lift from almost horizontal to vertical making them ideal even in very diverse operations. By choosing one that fits both your space as well the lift and angle required the efficiency in moving material can be increased.

The size or the volume of the screw conveyor will be another consideration. With semi-solids and dry ingredients that are prone to sticking sizing will be essential to ensure the auger has the power to keep the material moving and not allow the formation of blockages within the enclosed space.


As with most replacement equipment on a line or for new equipment to set up production, getting the best price for a screw conveyor is going to be essential. While some managers or owners may be tempted to buy used, buying a new auger is always the best option as this ensures the manufacturer’s warranty is in place.

In addition, if a custom configuration is needed with the screw conveyor, the manufacturing company will work to create just the design you need. This is ideal to have the auger set to work with an existing production line or when there are specific length and size requirements outside of standard applications.

If you need a screw conveyor, H.C Davis Manufacturing, CO. has models in stock, or we can work with you to design just the auger you require.

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