Party Tents: Their Types and Sizes According to Event

Party tents are great for family picnics, garden weddings, birthday parties and holiday celebrations. These tents come in various sizes that can accommodate from 10 to 1000 people. While buying one should consider the material of the tent as they vary greatly in quality and sizes. The stronger the material, the more durable it will be in any weather condition. Apart from these, there are many types of accessories that you can also buy such as netting, tent walls, anchors and flooring, etc. You can also find small party tents for outdoor and garden areas as well.

Types of Party Tents

There are four types of party tents available in the market. The first one is instant or pop-up canopies that are ready to use, inexpensive and convenient. They can be erected without any tools; however, they require an accordion style of framing. They are also ideal for beach, garden or park due to their compactness. Supported by a pole, pole party tents are located around the edge of the tent and several long poles support the center. They are cost effective, easy to use and lightweight. If your requirement is to hold a large number of people, then this tent is a good option.

However, one of the cons of pole tent is that the center pole cause a problem with placements of tables, stages, dance floors and other items especially if you want to place them in a specific area. Similar to pole tents is tension tents, except the center is higher than the former. Often referred as high peak tents they can create a dramatic effect and are lightweight and easy to construct. They are ideal for use in wet or windy weather. Last one is frame tent is one of the most expensive types of party tents. For support, it requires a metal tube. However, they do not require center pole and are complex to construct.

Party Tent Sizes as Per the Occasion

Party tent sizes vary greatly according to the occasion; it solely depends on the type of event you are holding. If you have an event that requires seating arrangements for guests to eat a meal, then you need more space than an event that offer little seating. If there is a special event, one should consider the space provided for catering table, dance floor, DJ or band. Here is an idea about how much space per person can take in an event approximately such as wedding 15 square feet, garden party 12 – 14 square feet, cocktail party 10 square feet and ceremony seating 8 square feet.

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