Mayhaw Jelly: An Authentic Southern Delicacy You Can Enjoy Anytime

Hawthorn berries are a tart fruit that can be found blooming on mayhaw trees in the spring and ready for picking by May. They look like small crabapples or cranberries that provide a tart and fruity flavor. Mayhaw trees can be found growing in the southern wetlands where the berries are used to create various authentic dishes well-known in the south. One of the most popular ways that the berries are prepared is by making mayhaw jelly in Moultrie, GA area. Once turned into a jelly, the berry provides a sweet but tart flavor that people enjoy tasting.

From Breakfast to Snacks

Mayhaw jelly in Moultrie, GA can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you enjoy the tart jelly spread across a piece of toast in the morning or small spoonful placed on top of a cracker. You can enjoy this delicious jelly anytime of the day you are craving a sweet and tart taste. One of the benefits of using mayhaw jelly is the versatility that it has to offer when you add the jam to your favorite dish. From main courses to desserts, there are numerous recipes that you can add the preserve to enhance the food’s flavor. Pinwheels, glazed chicken, cheesecake topping, or a delicious pie are just a few types of foods you can add the jam to create a delicious treat to eat.

Quality Food and Exceptional Service

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